We provide you a platform which enables mentees to interact with their alumni as well as other industry experts.It provides an opportunity for the mentees to post generic queries (so that anyone may respond to them) or even address questions directly to a particular mentor.Mentors may chose to address any of the queries put across to them.


Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) offers every student a unique opportunity to leverage their institutes alumni network and build strong relations with professionals. Student gets chance to get updated information and advice related to academic, professional and personal development. This communication channel help build strong network for the alumni and students.

Features and goals of the program

  • Strong and secure tool to communicate with alumni.
  • Convenient way of linking students and mentors (alumni) based on common career goals and aspirations.
  • Continuous engagement between alumni and student through a secure and intuitive tool.
  • Helping the students to identify career and higher study opportunities across the globe.
  • Helping students find job and internship opportunities through alumni.
  • Creating enough alumni events for mentor and mentee to meet at campus or elsewhere.

At the same time AMP has certain expectations from both alumni and students. In order to achieve maximum impact of this program alumni
and students are expected to:

Alumni will serve as role models and personal career adviser in an informal mentoring relationship. As a distinguished alumni, you hold a wealth of information and knowledge that current students can benefit from. Your expertise and advice is more valuable than you may realize.

  • Be committed to serve as a resource to the student.
  • Offer suggestions and feedback.
  • Provide real world feedback on jobs, industry knowledge and career aspirations.
  • Handholding the student in meeting his or her career goals.
  • Assist the student’s personal growth.
  • Discuss the common fields of interest.
  • Share experiences of working in a particular field
  • Encouragement with goal setting and achievement of those goals.
  • Respond to the mails of program administrator.

Students are expected to:

    • Understand what you want from the mentoring relationship and communicate your goals and aspirations to your mentor. Balance personal and professional relationship with your mentor.
    • Set aside time for the mentoring process and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor and display professional behavior.
    • Come to meetings with mentor prepared with planned topics.
    • Respond in a timely manner to your mentor’s feedback. Respond to emails from your mentor at most two days after receipt.
    • Be open and honest with your mentor about your challenges and weaknesses.
    • If something concerning the mentor needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship.

Students are not expected to:

  • Conducting themselves in a non-professional manner which brings the reputation of their institute or mentor down.
  • Seek financial support from mentor.
  • Pressurize the mentor to search a job for him or her.
  • Blame the mentor if his or her advice doesn’t work out.
  • Call mentor at inappropriate time without prior appointment.
  • Divulge the details provided by mentor to others.